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Smart cities, smart reads: 3 posts you really shouldn't miss

Explaining the complexity of a smart city in simple terms isn't always easy. That's why we think you'll want to read a recent post by Charbel Aoun of Schneider Electric, who masterfully uses a simple analogy to explain the smart city journey. It's one of three new summer reading recommendations we have for you.

SCC Partner Spotlight

With its Smarter Planet initiative, IBM is driving innovations that power public safety, transportation, water, building and social services around the world. It leverages insights from its 2,000+ projects to help cities of all sizes become smarter. 

Upcoming Council Events

Smart Cities Week Sept. 15-17 in Washington, D.C.

Smart Cities Week delivers solutions to the urgent challenges cities face. Visit Washington, D.C. Sept. 15-17 to learn about smart solutions that are helping cities improve livability, workability and sustainability. GET THE DETAILS

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New in the Apps Gallery


This app available in over 500 cities around the world helps users find the closest and cheapest parking. It includes maps of parking lots and garages with price overlays.There's also a timer to help people avoid overstaying, overpaying or getting a ticket.

Smart Buildings Summit 2015 in Mumbai

Smart Cities Council India is supporting the Smart Buildings Summit 2015 being hosted by the ASAPP Media Information Group in Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai on August 21st, 2015. Smart buildings are those where information technology is used to integrate all aspects of the building, like lighting, comfort and security, and provide an enhanced living experience for the occupants. Smart buildings are an inevitable component of smart cities as they a go a long way in improving the quality of life of the citizens, which, in turn, is the crux of smart city creation.

May 20-22, 2015: Berlin

Smart Cities Council joins forces with Metropolitan Solutions, one of Europe's premier events focused on issues confronting cities. Featuring 12 high-profile international conferences and a trade show, participants will hear and see the latest on urban mobility, energy supply, water supply/quality, building installations and urban safety/security.

March 23-24, 2015: Smart Cities Now Forum

Hosted by Envision Charlotte and Charlotte, North Carolina Mayor Daniel Clodfelter, the Council will hold its quarterly forum focused on innovative technologies that are making cities smarter and improving their livability, workability and sustainability. The invitation-only gathering of Council partners, advisors and guests will be held on the University of North Carolina campus in Charlotte.