Account Request Form - Smart Cities Activator and/or 2021 Readiness Challenge

Sun, 2019-09-29 21:17 -- Jon DeKeles
THANK YOU for your interest in using Smart Cities Activator - a free resource for human communities such as states, provinces, cities, towns, counties, regional government and universities. 
The first step is to request access to the full online, collaborative platform. You can do that on this page.
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Please enter the applicants name. The first applicant for a city must have a city recognizable address. Once the account is open, that applicant can add other users that may not have a city recognizable address.
This needs to be the lead local or state government entity for the application.
Please enter what city you are located in.
Please spell out the name of your state or province.
Multiple local governments can join an application, but one city must act as the Applicant. The Applicant does not need to have the largest population of those local governments supporting the application. Local governments may only join a single application. You will need to answer yes to move on to the full application.
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