Instrumentation and control

Partner spotlight: Ooredoo, Alstom, Siemens, Elster, Bit Stew Systems

Fri, 2015-02-06 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Ooredoo helps Qatar keep its cool… Alstom's new system will manage demand response for NV Energy… ABI ranks Siemens as top traffic management system vendor… Elster solution tackles mounting volumes of smart grid data… Bit Stew Systems teams to offer utilities robust data management tool.

Strengthening economies through the resourceful use of energy and water

Wed, 2015-02-04 06:00 -- SCC Staff

With energy and water resources essential to every city's economic health, you'll want to read key findings from the just-released 2015 Itron Resourcefulness Index. As Sharelynn Moore explains, it's a call to action cities, citizens and their utilities shouldn't ignore. Find out why.

How Hawaii Electric is raising the smart grid bar

Thu, 2015-01-15 12:00 -- SCC Staff

Hawaii Electric Co. is credited with driving one of the industry's most ambitious smart grid deployments and unlocking real value for its customers. Silver Spring Networks says HEC is demonstrating 'the utility model of the future." If you're unsure how a smarter grid can benefit your city, read this story.

How EU's eCall system aims to turn minutes into lives saved

Tue, 2014-12-23 06:00 -- Kevin Ebi

When there’s an accident, minutes count. Read how IBM plans to help first responders in the UK get to crash sites in as little as half the time, potentially saving 2,500 lives and 26 billion euros a year. That is, if the oft-delayed project can overcome some significant challenges.