Public safety and security

Street light success: Asking residents what they want is a bright idea

Fri, 2016-05-13 06:00 -- Kevin Ebi

Energy-efficient LEDs can certainly help cut the cost of lighting your streets, but those savings can rapidly vanish if you don’t install them right the first time. Some cities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars redoing their installations. See what you can do to save yourself the trouble.

Feds to connected car makers: Do more about security -- now

Thu, 2016-04-14 12:58 -- Doug Peeples

Many cities are counting on connected cars and their technologies to help them deal with traffic snarls, accidents and other transportation-related issues. And car makers are doing their best to make those connected cars safe and reliable. Their latest challenge? The DOJ wants those cars to be so secure they won't be vulnerable to terrorists, cybercriminals and other bad guys.

Uh oh. Are we forgetting about connecting consumers (citizens) to smart cities?

Thu, 2016-04-14 12:51 -- Doug Peeples

It's a connected Internet of Things world for smart cities now. But most consumers -- your citizens -- don't know much -- if anything about it . They understand the benefits smart devices can bring. Who wants to be without a smart phone (and maybe a smart home) these days? But they're worried about their privacy and who does what with their personal information. Our story shares some good news too.

Shopping for smart street lighting for your city? You've got another great option

Wed, 2016-04-06 06:00 -- Doug Peeples

We've said it before: smart street lighting networks are a practical, cost-effective first step toward a smart city. Now, Huawei has entered the market with its Connected City Lighting Solution. Read the story to learn about the company's new offering -- and why you should be taking smart street lighting networks seriously.

China is rethinking its smart street lights. So should you

Fri, 2016-03-25 06:00 -- SCC Staff

A major Chinese LED street lighting supplier has partnered with Silver Spring Networks to turn their street lights into platforms for citywide communications, environment sensing, traffic monitoring and more. If you are still thinking that next-generation street lights are only about new LED bulbs, read this story to learn why China's approach could, in many ways, work for your city.

Smart street lights are coming to China. (Time for your city to take a look?)

Fri, 2016-03-11 06:00 -- Doug Peeples

GE's new energy company Current will take a lead role in a smart city intelligent lighting project in Tianjin, a major port city in northeast China. It is a key demonstration project in China's ambitious smart city plans -- and it will be about far more than lighting alone. Click to the site to learn more.

If your city's 9-1-1 network overwhelmed, help is on the way

Wed, 2016-03-02 06:00 -- Doug Peeples

9-1-1 agencies are expected to respond to all kinds of emergencies -- and show up on the scene quickly and well-prepared. But today's emergency communications networks are limited in what they can do. That's why AT&T will roll out a next generation upgrade to make those communications systems faster and more flexible and responsive.

How Los Angeles uses maps to help the city run more smoothly

Wed, 2016-02-10 06:00 -- Doug Peeples

Los Angeles recently fired up its GeoHub, a platform that gathers the numerous types of map data from city departments and makes it available in ways that help employees do their jobs more efficiently and transparently. And citizens can tap into it too. Read the story to see if this idea could work for your city.

How predictive analytics is saving children's lives in Los Angeles

Wed, 2016-01-20 06:00 -- Kevin Ebi

Despite spending $80 billion annually on efforts to curb child abuse, nearly 1,500 children in the U.S. will die this year and another 700,000 will suffer harm. Learn about Los Angeles’s new approach of using predictive analytics to help child protection agents focus on the kids who truly need help.