Public safety and security

How technology is playing a role in smarter, safer cities


The executive director of UN Women told a forum on cities against poverty that technology is significantly supporting initiatives to make cities safer places. And she brought some issues to the discussion not often heard in smart cities discussions: women's participation and equal rights.

How Karlsruhe, Germany is tackling transportation challenges


Karlsruhe, the second-largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, has had a three-prong plan in place since 2012. Working together with the administration, public and relevant companies, Karlsruhe developed the framework for a sustainable urban mobility system that not only highlights transportation development, it also ensures equal mobility opportunities for everyone in the city.

New Zealand's smart cities efforts shortlisted for Asia-Pacific awards (yet again)


New Zealand won several awards and substantial recognition in an Asia-Pacific competition last year for the quality and relevance of its smart cities initiatives. Early indications are the country's smart cities efforts could claim more awards in the 2018 competition.

How our Readiness Challenge winners are plotting their smart cities course


SCC's 2018 Readiness Challenge Grant winners have similar goals in their quest to become smart cities, although their approaches to achieving them aren't necessarily the same. Read on to learn how they're planning safe, sustainable and livable places that benefit all of their citizens.

Dijon is on: Creating a smart cities platform to operate the French city’s infrastructure


A multi-community information technology collaboration on street lighting, traffic management and public safety is expected to yield numerous benefits for citizens and reduce operating costs for their local governments. Watch the video to learn how.