Public safety and security

How technology is playing a role in smarter, safer cities


The executive director of UN Women told a forum on cities against poverty that technology is significantly supporting initiatives to make cities safer places. And she brought some issues to the discussion not often heard in smart cities discussions: women's participation and equal rights.

Lessons from Louisville: Smart cities emerge from engaged communities


Change, in the form of new technologies and approaches, is leading to a time of incredible opportunity in Louisville. Learn how the 2018 Readiness Challenge winner brought stakeholders together to devise innovative solutions to combat inequality, improve mobility and safety, and boost engagement.

Chicago's smart street lighting program: safer, brighter streets for all


Chicago's Smart Lighting Project will benefit the city and citizens with significant savings in energy and maintenance costs and improved lighting. But when the project launched one of its top priorities was to focus on public safety. Read our story to learn how.

How to fight climate change? Salzburg has a few smart plans in place


Austria’s fourth-largest city, Salzburg, may be known for its charming medieval and baroque buildings (as well as being the birthplace of famous composer Mozart), but the city is making a name for itself in the region as a leader in Smart Grids and electric mobility. Home to a population of nearly 150,000 people, this mid-sized city is making a major impact in terms of climate protection projects and emission-reducing solutions.

How Sofia, Bulgaria aims to achieve its green goals


As the country’s largest city continues to grow, it’s looking to achieve the title of “green capital” and become a model of sustainable development. As part of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan 2012-2020, Sofia is laying down a series of steps to help with everything from energy management to transport and waste management—and looking to technologies from around the globe to aid the process.