Health and human services

What cities can do with social safety nets (and data) to reduce opioid addiction and deaths

Thu, 2017-10-12 14:45 -- Doug Peeples

Opioids (both prescribed and illegal) cause more than 33,000 accidental deaths annually in the U.S. While city medical and social service agencies have committed to finding new ways to treat addiction, it's an extremely difficult task for several reasons. Read on to learn about new approaches, the challenges to implementing them and why data is essential.

See how e-Toilets are contributing to cleanliness and hygiene in Solapur (other cities can take a cue)

Wed, 2017-08-02 21:41 -- SCC India Staff

Solapur, a textile and bidi manufacturing hub, is one of the major cities of Maharashtra that attracts a sizeable number of visitors for business or commercial purposes. The city is also of religious importance with more than five lakh pilgrims visiting the Siddheshwar Temple, every year.

Indore deploys VTMS; tracks waste real time

Tue, 2017-07-25 00:49 -- SCC India Staff

Indore, being the largest and the most populous city in Madhya Pradesh with a population of around 20 lakh (according to the 2011 census), the Indore Municipal Corporation considers sanitation and solid waste management as its topmost priority. Ranked as the cleanest city in India, according to the Swachh Sarvekshan Survey 2017, IMC is aiming for 100 per cent coverage of solid waste management.

Detect air pollution with low cost nano-sensors

Wed, 2017-07-19 02:18 -- SCC India Staff

A team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has developed a highly sensitive low-cost nanosensor to detect carbon monoxide levels, a step forward in environmental pollution monitoring. These nanosensors can be even synced with a smartphone or a small device at every traffic signal, which can transmit the data through Bluetooth.

Cycle sharing project to solve Bengaluru’s air pollution problem

Tue, 2017-07-11 00:29 -- SCC India Staff

In coming months, Bengaluru will witness a massive public bicycle sharing (PBS) project proposed by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT). The project, with around 4,000 cycle and 350 docking points, is touted to be India’s largest cycle-sharing project.

Railways’ online exam helps save 4 lakh trees and 319 crore paper sheets

Mon, 2017-07-10 02:45 -- SCC India Staff

Conducting a nationwide paperless examination is not an easy task. The Indian Railways (IR)—in a massive saving drive—has saved over 4 lakh trees and 319 crore paper sheets just by adopting online test by replacing bulky, multi-lingual question booklets.