Hesse's highway gets a tech boost


The German state of Hesse is working with global tech powerhouse Siemens to build the first eHighway on a public highway in the country, with an overhead contact line for electric freight transport on the A5 autobahn. Expected to be completed at the end of 2018, this new highway will help solve the issue of climate-neutral freight transport by road in Frankfurt, cutting energy consumption in half and reducing local air pollution.

Solving Boston's urban challenges becomes a group effort


The city of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Boston University are working with IBM to find new, smarter solutions to persistent urban challenges, including traffic congestion and streetlight management, energy efficiency, major event coordination, and water/sewer and airport management and maintenance.

Sensors help make Spanish port city a smart cities star


Cities from Amsterdam and Stockholm to San Diego and Nanjing are reaching for the brass ring of sustainable, efficient and pleasant smart cities. But Santander, an old port city on Spain's Atlantic coast with the same financial problems nagging at many European cities, has already made it happen.

New federal guidelines are in the works for autonomous vehicles: what you should know


Precisely when autonomous vehicles will be commonplace on city streets is still up in the air. However, federal transportation agencies are working on new guidelines to ensure the transition to an automated transportation future is as safe and efficient as possible when it does arrive.

Why shuttle buses could be the first driverless vehicles to hit city streets


Autonomous vehicle R&D has been underway for some time. However, predictions for when the driverless rides will be commonplace on city streets vary from a couple of years to more than a decade. If you want to call it a race, autonomous shuttle buses could be the first to cross the finish line. And we may have Las Vegas to thank for it.