Fairfax County

Fairfax County Begins Plan to Become a Smart Community Beacon for the U.S.


Fairfax County, Virginia – a smart cities leader and a 2018 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge finalist, recently partnered with the Smart Cities Council to host a Readiness Workshop to tackle key challenges using smart technology and processes. The workshop focused on identifying steps the county can take to improve mobility, optimize its street infrastructure and reduce obesity.

Fairfax County draws an innovative future that will deliver for generations to come


Too often, today’s solutions can become tomorrow’s problems. See how Fairfax County, Virginia, a 2018 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge finalist, plans to use its current success to build an innovative, inclusive future that lifts the next generation.

Fairfax County Readiness Workshop Smart Cities Slides


The Smart Cities Council hosted a Readiness Workshop in Fairfax County, Virginia, on March 19, 2018. This PDF contains the slides used during the smart cities educational section of the workshop, including best practices, responsibilities and enablers, and an introduction to systems thinking.