Utilities Advancing Cities Task Force

This information provided by Smart Cities Council North America.

With today's smart technologies, utilities help make cities more resilient  and
sustainable for current and future generations, which in turn makes
businesses more competitive and residents more comfortable.


Why this task force exists

Smart, sustainable cities cannot thrive without reliable, resilient energy systems. Energy fuels our cars, subways and trains. It heats and lights our homes, businesses and factories. It pumps our water and processes the food we eat. And energy powers the technologies that are essential to the success of a smart city.

Today there are obvious, inescapable synergies between utilities and the cities they serve. Just as utilities increasingly feel the pressure to modernize, so do city leaders. They are challenged by the stress that swelling urban populations put on aging, inadequate infrastructure – the electric power grid, municipal water systems and transportation networks among them. To effectively overcome these challenges, city leaders and their local utilities need to be at the same table, working together on smart solutions. This task force aims to make that happen.

What we offer cities and utilities

The Council's Utilities Advancing Cities Task Force brings cities and utilities together to partner for a better, more sustainable energy future. It hosts free, vendor-neutral workshops and webinars throughout North America to promote collaboration between utilities, cities and other stakeholders and to share insights on the latest advances, deployments and best practices in smart energy systems. 
Our objective is to:
  • Provide engaging, informative activities on the role of smart energy systems in smart cities. We'll host a series of roadshows across the U.S. focused on the advantages of microgrid deployments.
  • Offer thought leadership and collaborate with other industry organizations to raise the visibility of energy-driven smart city initiatives and the benefits they can deliver today and for future generations.

For dates, times and locations of our workshops, roadshows and related events, please refer to our Opportunity Calendar, which is regularly updated with all of the latest information.

Task force members also meet over the course of the year at Council-sponsored events and in quarterly teleconferences. Email Jesse Berst to learn how you can collaborate with energy experts, progressive utilities and forward-thinking cities to share tips, techniques and best practices for building the energy system of the future.

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