Smart Cities Policy Task Force

This information provided by Smart Cities Council North America.

"In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still.
Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the 
opportunity to change things for the better." — Harry S. Truman


Why this task force exists

With new political leadership in Washington, D.C., the nation is poised for bold action. There's a new urgency to invest in the future of our country – in particular, to invest in our cities and towns to create more jobs for American workers and improved livability for our citizens. 

The Smart Cities Policy Task Force is working to ensure leadership at all levels of government – from the Trump White House to Congress to state capitols and city and county offices – understand that smart cities and communities must be front and center in any conversation about economic growth and sustainability. Smart cities and communities offer improved livability, workability and sustainability through the deployment of smart technology. Federal, state and local governments should work to coordinate policy around the development of smart cities and communities to the benefit of American citizens. 

In addition, the task force is committed to quickly raising awareness about what smart infrastructure is and the exceptional ROI that numerous pilots and full deployments in the U.S. and beyond have showcased. As Congress considers an infrastructure bill in 2017, we are determined to do everything possible to ensure it is smart legislation that creates a ripple effect across the country. Otherwise we risk spending public funds foolishly; building more inefficient infrastructure that is not sustainable.

What we offer leaders

We are a nonpartisan task force with no political agenda. Ours is a social agenda; we are longtime practitioners in the smart cities space and we have witnessed time and again how investment in smart infrastructure delivers triple bottom line benefits – social, environmental and economic advantages – for communities and their citizens.

Our current efforts to encourage smart infrastructure investment include:

  • Working to implement policies that encourage and foster innovation, interoperability, industry-led standards development and best practices, transparency, inclusion, privacy and security
  • Working closely with the Trump Administration and Congress  to ensure the consideration of smart infrastructure investments
  • Producing and distributing educational resources and policy briefs detailing the many benefits of investing in smart cities and communities – from creation of better-paying, in-demand jobs to invigorating America's competitive advantage on the global stage
  • Holding workshops to educate policy makers on the role of smart technology in a 21st century economy
  • Supporting efforts to unlock barriers to smart infrastructure investment by revamping outdated local government policies to encourage demand aggregation, streamlined procurement and new financing models, among others

For dates, times and locations of our task force events, please refer to the Opportunity Calendar, which is regularly updated with all of the latest information.

Task force members also hold meetings over the course of the year at Council-sponsored events and via regular teleconferences. Click the nearby "Join us" button if you're interested in working with us to promote policies that help our cities and towns become more livable, workable and sustainable.


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