Definitions and overviews

The smart city sector is still in the "I know it when I see it" phase, without a universally agreed definition. The Council defines a smart city as one that has digital technology embedded across all city functions; click on any of the articles below for additional perspectives.

Smart Cities and the Internet of Everything: The Foundation for Delivering Next-Generation Citizen Services

Tue, 2013-10-29 13:16 -- Liz Enbysk

This white paper by IDC Government Insights (and sponsored by Council Lead Partner Cisco) is intended to help municipal leaders, politicians, city planners and other key stakeholders in information technology organizations that support cities understand the value of smart cities and the role they can play in helping urban centers realize a smart city vision.

Alstom's Smart City Game Plan: Q&A with Laurent Schmitt

Wed, 2013-03-27 15:35 -- Jesse Berst

Laurent Schmitt is a compact man with an air of old-world politesse. He has worked in several executive capacities in different parts of Alstom, the $26-billion French maker of power and transport equipment. He started with the company in sales in 2000, back when it was Areva T&D (before its acquisition by Alstom). From there, he climbed the ladder through marketing and then roles in strategy and business development.