City functions can be made 'smart' through technologies we call Enablers. As a Technology Enabler, Analytics is one of the digital underpinnings of a smart city as you'll read in this section.

City of Calgary: Using Data to Predict and Mitigate Floods

Sun, 2015-08-09 14:17 -- SCC Staff

Spring rains and snowmelt pour into the rivers and reservoirs that feed the Calgary’s water supply. As a result, downtown businesses and residents are faced with unpredictable floods. Read in this case study why the city turned to OSIsoft's PI System for a data-driven approach to predicting and managing flooding.

Using Software Defined Operations to Achieve Operational Maturity

Sun, 2015-08-09 13:45 -- SCC Staff

Bit Stew Systems Chief Technology Officer Kai Hui explains how software can help organizations analyze massive amounts of data into a single source of truth, while also automating key functions that formerly required human intervention to triage an issue -- allowing employees to spend more time on tasks that can't be solved by technology.