Wonderware Software Facilitates a Decade of Integration and Growth for Unprecedented Spanish Airport Expansion

Mon, 2013-08-19 13:20 -- Liz Enbysk

Wonderware airport control solutionOperators of the Barcelona El Prat Airport wanted to develop an integrated and centralized control platform to accommodate a major airport expansion that would have it triple in size. Airport control systems handle thousands of signals simultaneously, so the information needs to be presented simply and in context to enable operators to quickly and accurately interpret it. The airport's existing control platform required operators to learn up to 20 different technologies and tools, so training was difficult, operations were not smooth, stress was high and costs were rising.

To improve operations, airport managers selected the Wonderware System Platform from Smart Cities Council Associate Partner Schneider Electric. The system now controls the processes throughout the airport that manage the terminal building and cooling and heating power plant as well as auxiliary buildings for luggage transport. The system, which originally managed 35,000 signals, now handles 700,000 inputs through 80 servers that make up five control environments. In the final phase, signals are expected to increase to nearly one million.

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