Smart Cities: Best of the Best

Thu, 2013-10-10 08:59 -- Liz Enbysk

Smart Cities: Best of the BestWhich cities are the world's most competitive? Which are the most inventive? Where are the best cities for tech startups? Which cities do the world's most outstanding mayors hail from?

You'll find answers to all this and much, much more in this compendium of smart city rankings, scores and predictions available exclusively to members of the Smart Cities Council.

Because cities today compete with each other for talent and jobs, it not only makes sense to track the leaders to study what they have done right - but also to study those who did it wrong.  You'll find some of both inside.

Our new Smart Cities: Best of the Best eBook is loaded with city rankings, hot spots and predictions and it's available only to registered members of the Smart Cities Council.  Registration is free. Don't miss out!  Register now >>

24 pages


Submitted by D VENKATARAMANA on
Hi, I am privileged to be a registered member of Smart Cities Council and thank the team for the best support extended to me to be a part of the team. Regards D VENKATARAMANA BANGALORE

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Hi, Good to have joined this council. Looking forward to learn and also to contribute effectively. Rgds, Rajasekar Kothandaraman, Bangalore.

Submitted by Andaluri Srinivas on
As India poised to build brown/green field cities, it is essential that , relevant public and private organizations convergence is very essential/ crucial