One-Stop Solution for the Makkah Clock Tower

Sun, 2015-06-14 11:26 -- SCC Staff

The Makkah Clock Tower, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the world’s largest clock tower and the second tallest building.  It has 76 stories and is 577 meters high.  It is a vast complex with hotels, shopping outlets, food courts, and luxury apartments.

The owners of the luxury apartments at the Clock Tower wanted to implement a solution so that each of their 5,000 tenants could be billed individually for their utility usage which meant finding a vendor that could provide meters that could measure water usage along with cooling and electricity usage. Another challenge was to be able to take the readings from each of these meters remotely.

Read in the case study linked below about the one-stop solution that Council Associate Partner Spire Metering Technology provided.


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