How a Chinese School Uses Current Multimedia Tools to Better Engage Students

Tue, 2015-09-29 19:09 -- SCC Staff

Teachers at China'sBeijing 105 Middle School had been working with a complicated and haphazard array of incompatible multimedia equipment they believed was hampering their ability to educate students, acquaint them with  and collaborate among themselves. So the school turned to a more centralized and streamlined multimedia solution that provided better and less complex technology at a lower cost, and that made it possible for teachers to better engage their students with better access to course materials.

The school adopted the Windows Embedded Server and Windows Embedded Operating Systems and SQL Server software from Council Lead Partner Microsoft, and a variety of equipment such as digital whiteboards, TVs, tablets and PCs from Microsoft partner IGRS Engineering Lab, a China-based provider of energy-efficient IT solutions . Read the case study to learn more about the educational, efficiency and cost benefits the school now enjoys.

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