Egyptian World Heritage Site Launches Mobile Portal to Enhance and Revitalize Local Tourism

Thu, 2013-09-26 15:26 -- Liz Enbysk

Revitalizing tourism in Luxor with mobile appIn 2011, the sweeping social change taking place in Egypt reduced tourism by almost 75 percent, and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology  (MCIT) wanted to harness the power of new technologies to help bring visitors back.

The city of Luxor wanted to help its approximately 12,000 daily visitors get the most out of their trips. Making it easy for visitors to find tour guides, hotels, restaurants, transportation, and other services would help support the city’s tourism industry—one of the most important segments of its economy.

In 2012, the MCIT launched the Luxor Mobile Portal, powered by Microsoft's cloud services. Now visitors use a single mobile application to take virtual tours of historical sites and locate services in Luxor. With its portal, MCIT is helping Luxor reach new travelers and enhance the city’s ability to serve visitors and local businesses.


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