City of Redlands Arms and Manages Mobile Devices for its Officers on Patrol

Fri, 2013-05-31 13:07 -- Jesse Berst

We see it over and over again with each technology wave. The advent of personal computers (PCs) created an urgent need for PC management software. The growth of computer networking led to a need for network management software. And now the onslaught of mobile devices is creating a corresponding need for device management, as you will read in this case study from the City of Redlands, California, USA. Device management helps with essential tasks such as provisioning, administering, upgrading and security.

The lesson? As soon as you start thinking about deploying mobile devices, start thinking about how you will manage them as well. If deployment gets too far ahead of management, you can end up with big headaches, mass confusion and a very real risk of security breaches. -- Jesse Berst, Smart Cities Council Chairman

To streamline communications to police officers in the field and reduce costs, the city of Redlands equipped its police officers with new touch-based smartphones and tablets. While they proved their value in everyday field operations, it soon became clear that their IT team needed a cohesive and centralized way to administer this mobility infrastructure and better support its users in the field. Officials in other cities will be interested in the solution the city chose from Smart Cities Council Lead Partner AT&T and the benefits gained.

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