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Enel is a multinational group based in Italy, a leading integrated player in the power and gas markets of Europe and Latin America, operating in 40 countries across 4 continents overseeing power generation from over 98 GW of net installed capacity and distributing electricity and gas through a network spanning around 1.9 million km to serve approximately 61 million customers.

Enel was the first utility in the world to replace the traditional electromechanical meters with smart meters that make it possible to measure consumption in real time and manage contractual relationships remotely. This innovative tool is key to the development of smart grids, smart cities and electric mobility.

Enel is strongly committed to renewable energy sources and to the research and development of new environmentally friendly technologies. Enel Green Power [EGP] is the Group’s publicly listed Company dedicated to the growth and management of power generation from renewable energy, operating around 8.7 GW of net installed capacity relying on hydro, wind, geothermal, solar, biomass and co-generation sources in Europe and the Americas.

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Nov 25 2013
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