SCC in the News

Product Design & Development: Cisco Collaborates with Smart Cities Council to Assess Leaders on Smart City Progress in NA


Key findings from the survey of city leaders in North America conducted by Cisco and the Smart Cities Council were featured on the Product Design & Development website. Click for an excerpt and link to the complete story.

MasterCard blog: How Smart Cities are Making the Digital Age Work for Their Citizens


In a guest post on the MasterCard blog, Council Chairman Jesse Berst provides real-world examples of how cities that have digitized their payments systems are reducing costs at the same time they’re offering citizens more benefits, more convenience and more inclusion.

Fedscoop: ‘Shark Tank’ meets smart cities at NIST’s Global Cities workshop


Council Cities Director Sandra Baer was interviewed in conjunction with the NIST global cities workshop, a gathering of leaders from government, private industry, nonprofits and academia focused on ways cities can leverage the Internet of Things. Click for an excerpt and link to the full article.

Wired: Smart Cities - What Are People Really Thinking? They’re Already Telling You


How social media analytics can help city leaders use their resources more effectively is the focus of an article by Jesse Berst that appears in the Innovation Insights section of Wired. It highlights some of the work in this area being done by Council Lead Partner IBM and Associate Partner BehaviorMatrix. Click for an excerpt and link to the full article.