Winning cities are ready

Wed, 2020-02-05 06:08 -- Philip Bane

2020 Readiness ChallengeWith the launch of the 2020 global Readiness Challenge, we are receiving questions from cities large and small about participating. Here is a short recap of key terms –

 The Challenge is open to all cities globally. The Council made a conscious decision this year to extend the reach of its ‘cities helping cities,’ platform – Smart Cities Activator to all cities globally. Access Smart Cities Activator here.

Smaller cities can compete, teach and learn. Irrespective of size, many cities are doing amazing things.

  • Montgomery Alabama, one of last year’s winners is integrating public and private CCTV and has an innovative open data portal.
  • Edmonton, Alberta has a crowd sourced project to reduce gender violence and has insituted a set of policies to 'operationalize smart.'
  • Cleantech San Diego is leading the 18+ cities in the San Diego region in developing an innovative regional governance approach.
  • See all our 2019 Readiness Challenge Winners here.

Regardless of size, cities need to collaborate in solving common problems. Once having answered the application questions in Activator Discover, cities will be provided access to Activator Plan, where they can start projects with our 27 planning modules. With Activator Exchange, a city can see what other cities are planning and communicate with other cities with similar problems – and then collaborate on Smart Cities Activator. As of February 1, 2020, Activator Exchange has over 350 projects from North America, Austrlia, India and Korea.

If your city is smart – then you should be helping other cities. Our societies acknowledge excellence …and expect those who are better to teach the rest of us. STOP seeking conference awards and global rankings! If your city is smart, you need to be helping other cities solve the problems you have solved – AND Smart Cities Activator project roadmaps (that show how to solve a city need) are the most effective method to take this leadership role and make a difference.

 Contact us if you think you could contribute to developing project roadmaps based on your cities’ successes.