Will the technologies for future smart cities come from Ireland?

Tue, 2015-12-01 11:45 -- SCC Staff

The research project Council Lead Partner IBM and University College Dublin (UCD) are participating in will concentrate on using cognitive computing to help people make decisions -- in other words, bringing people and computers closer together.

To do that, UCD's Belfield campus will be turned into a "mini-city" in which IBM and UCD researchers can build and evaluate cognitive computing applications in a controlled realistic environment to better understand how to best optimize a city's overall infrastructure.

The project will cover a long and wide-ranging list of smart cities components in the mini-city's live setting, including connected cars, integrated mobile applications, energy management and the planning and economic management of sustainable transportation.

Social and healthcare planning, management and delivery also will be a research focus, with the goal of applying cognitive computing technologies to improved outcomes in personalized care -- and enhance the ability of medical practitioners and patients to make decisions together and getting around the challenges of big data in healthcare management.

A pilot project on smarter buildings also will be undertaken where researchers will connect cognitive computing with Internet of Things technologies to assess and enhance energy efficiency and renewable energy. And that element of the research will be integrated into environmental, water and transportation on campus to provide environmental benefits and cost savings.

"This is an opportunity to share our cognitive research expertise, deep analytics capabilities, and open standards to help transform the systems, operations and service delivery in UCD and across the globe," said Dr. Eleni Pratsini, Director of IBM Research-Ireland.

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