What researchers are saying about smart cities (and your biggest obstacle to creating them)

Wed, 2013-10-30 06:00 -- Liz Enbysk

Catch up on the latest research on smart buildings, smart transportation, smart cities and what may be your city's biggest obstacle to a better urban future. Scroll down for summaries and links to five new research reports you won't want to miss.

Smart buildings are sweeping our cities – That's according to a new report by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) that expects smart building investments to triple by 2017 to $18 billion. It defines smart buildings as those controlled by automated monitoring systems that ultimately save on energy and operating costs. "Smart building technology investment is like giving a doctor an MRI machine," said Dan Probst, Chairman of Energy and Sustainability Services at JLL. "It allows deeper diagnostics that can provide significant results for building owners in meeting their financial, operational and environmental goals. Our research has tracked consistent positive ROI from smart building investments that have optimized individual building and portfolio performance across the globe. The technology is here today, but most property owners aren't aware of the ease and sophistication of managed building automation systems today." Read more >>

Delivering next-generation citizen services – A new white paper from IDC Government Insights and sponsored by Council Lead Partner Cisco maintains the transformation to smart cities is underway and is no longer a question of "if."  It is a matter of "when."  Among the points addressed in the paper are trends driving smart city growth, the role of the Internet of Everything in building a foundation for smart city evolution, and key factors that will shape and build the smart city reality. Read more >>

Cities' biggest obstacle to a new urban future?  – In a survey of local authorities in the UK, 78% cited legacy IT systems as the biggest barrier to digital progress, followed by lack of development funds (59%). The government report also found that 91% of local authorities believe digital will help their organization deliver better for less, with 80% believing technologies will make organizations more cost effective. Read more >>

Demand response and customer participation – A recent survey of the demand response community cites one of the key drivers for continued growth will be customer ROI combined with targeted utility incentives. "To truly derive the grid and environmental benefits demand response can deliver, there is considerably more customer participation needed," said Ross Malme, a member of the Peak Load Management Alliance executive committee and partner in Skipping Stone, which conducted the survey. Read more >>

Smart cities driving smart transportation – The global smart transportation market is poised for dramatic growth in the next few years, based on a Research and Markets report that suggests a CAGR of 25.6 percent between 2012 and 2016. In 2012, the total investment in traffic management systems was valued at US$790 million and it is expected to reach US$1,860 million by 2016, according to the report, which notes that one of the major factors is the growing popularity of smart cities, of which smart transportation is an integral part. Read more >>


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