What barriers are holding cities back (and where can you get help)?

Thu, 2016-01-14 13:41 -- SCC Partner

Contributed by International Electrotechnical Commission

While we often hear about smart, sustainable cities, adding smartness to an existing urban environment or developing a Smart City from scratch is a mammoth undertaking.

Here are two pain points all aspiring smart cities must address, and two new resources that can help.

Electricity: No city will be smart without it
Cities are giant systems with countless subsystems. All of them depend on electric power and hardware to move people and things, collect data and exchange information. It is simply impossible to build an efficient urban infrastructure without reliable energy access: no electricity = no smart city.

Connecting things: a need for harmonized rules
Cities need to substantially increase the efficiency in which they operate and use their resources.  Major efficiency improvements could be achieved by horizontally interconnecting individual systems such as energy, water, sanitation and waste management, transportation, security, environmental monitoring or weather intelligence.

However, many of the systems used today in cities originate from different suppliers and they are maintained by various agencies, sometimes working in isolation. To connect them both physically and virtually, standardized interfaces need to be put in place.

About the World Smart City community
To help city stakeholders worldwide make their cities smarter, the first World Smart City online community will launch on January 18. This online community will gather relevant city stakeholders globally and engage them in value-add discussions and high-level networking, to help crystalize the top pain points that hold Smart City development back. The community discussions aim to break down barriers and concretely speed up Smart City development.

They will also help shape the final program of the World Smart City Forum in Singapore. 

The community will also organize regular monthly Google-hangouts. The first will take place on February 18. More information is available here.

About the World Smart City Forum
The first World Smart City Forum is organized by the IEC, in partnership with ISO and ITU, on July 13, 2016 in Singapore. It is co-located with the World Cities Summit and Singapore International Water Week and is free of charge, but requires registration (first come, first served).

The Forum will explore how interconnection can be accomplished and point to some of the tools that are already available to help cities reach their objective faster, more efficiently and with better outcomes. All sessions will be live-streamed.