Wanted: Your view on the direction of smart cities

Thu, 2016-10-20 12:56 -- SCC Staff

The 2017 Strategic Directions: Smart City/Smart Utility Report will mark the fourth year Black & Veatch has produced its forward-looking analysis of these rapidly evolving markets. Its extensive, survey-based approach measures the sector’s key challenges, opportunities and plans for the future.

This year’s report will examine the various ecosystems that make up the Smart City and the culture of holistic planning to make sure cities and communities plan systems that scale and grow with its citizenry. The report will also explore the need for otherwise disparate stakeholders to coalesce around Smart City initiatives so they can be adequately funded and deployed.

A few key topics that will be included in this year’s report include: the role of microgrids, street systems (intelligent lighting, kiosks, etc.) the rise of gigabit cities, public safety and connected transportation.

Follow this link to share your opinions on important industry issues in this year’s survey: 2016-2017 Smart City/Smart Utility Survey

Responses are requested by November 4, 2016 and your responses will remain anonymous.