Want your city to function as one? Get partners to do the same

Tue, 2015-12-08 12:43 -- Kevin Ebi

Tear down city silos! That’s usually the first piece of advice city leaders get when they launch efforts to make their cities smarter. Integration and cohesiveness is at the heart of every smart city. So how do you make that happen?

Two Council partners are setting an example for cities. Lead Partner Cisco and Associate Partner CH2M are working together using each of their strengths to deliver a comprehensive smart cities solution for one of India’s up-and-coming industrial cities.

Delivering an integrated solution
The partners are working together on Shendra-Bidkin, an industrial smart city being developed along India’s Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. It's in an important area for India. The city is on a nearly 1,000-mile freight corridor that connects the port city of Mumbai on the west coast with Delhi in the north. Eventually, two dozen industrial cities are intended to thrive along this route; Shendra-Bidkin is the first.

CH2M is serving as the program manager for the first building phase while Cisco is handling the development of the master plan for integrating systems. The partners have different strengths so putting them together is a strategy that’s designed to result in an integrated plan that’s more effective than its parts.

Planning for 300,000
Shendra-Bidkin is intended to become a major industrial center in the corridor, forecast to provide at least 330,000 jobs. While the jobs will be mostly technical and industrial, the partners are working to make the city very livable.

The city is being designed with transit in mind. In neighborhoods, most of what people need will be within walking distance. Much of the energy will come from renewable sources and the city will make efficient use of its power and water.

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