Turning 3.3 million ConEd customers into energy savers

Fri, 2014-11-14 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Efforts to stretch New York City’s power supply will get a boost from a new platform that features technology from Council Lead Partner Alstom Grid.

Con Edison, which serves 3.3 million electricity customers, is using Alstom’s Demand Response Management System (DRMS). The DRMS gives the utility more information quicker, allowing it to make fast decisions about energy flow.

Among the key innovations is the ability to manage electric customers as individual groups. That will allow the utility to target overloaded areas. The system allows the utility to focus in and monitor the performance of those targeted areas and apply tariffs.

Further, the platform helps customers become a bigger part of the solution. It includes a new Demand Response portal that makes it easier for customers to enroll in conservation programs, monitor their usage and participate in energy reduction efforts when needed.

Con Edison is using the platform as part of the Smart Grid Demonstration Program funded by the Department of Energy. The utility says Alstom’s platform will allow it to move more quickly, improving the reliability of its network, which should lead to fewer outages.

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