Towns large and small are using public safety technologies to make citizens safer

Wed, 2014-10-29 06:00 -- Liz Enbysk

Public safety technology has come a long way in recent years and SunGard Public Sector helps police departments make the most of it. 

Perhaps one of their most important offerings, says VP of Customer Service Jillian Macau, is the ONESolution Records Management System (RMS). The system allows agencies to collect, store and access critical information gathered during the course of an incident or investigation and also utilize its analytical resources to enable officers to retrieve important information while in the field.

Macau talked about ways public safety technologies are saving lives during the Council's Smart Cities Now forum in New York earlier this month. SunGard Public Sector is a Council Associate Partner.

She gives an example of a hit-and-run that occurred in High Point, N.C. one afternoon. A 911 call came in and officers were dispatched. They found a tail light cover at the scene with an imprinted serial number. With that information, police technicians were able to track down the make and year range of the vehicle. Then they were able to leverage the RMS to complete a search of area vehicles that matched the information gathered at the crime scene. Within minutes they got a hit – and within two hours an arrest had been made.

That's just one example; SunGard Public Sector offers a long list of solutions that are making cities safer.

Reducing summer crime
Macau also pointed to the Cedar Hills Police Department (CHPD) in Texas where officials wanted to reduce summer crime – in particular residential burglaries.

Utilizing SunGard's Crime Analysis Plus (CA+) product – an app that uses a map-based interface to plot out data on projects, initiatives or crime types in a certain geography – officers were able to spot trends in burglaries. That allowed for more effective, targeted deployment.

As a result, CHPD officers have been able to more easily respond to, identify and even prevent burglaries in real time. Macau says CHPD has reduced summer burglaries 59% in just four years.

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