TopTechNews: Cisco Aims to Make Cities Smarter

Wed, 2014-11-05 10:10 -- SCC Staff

The survey of North American city leaders conducted by Council Lead Partner Cisco and the Smart Cities Council was highlighted at Below is a brief excerpt; you can read the full story here.

Cisco and the Smart Cities Council released a report at the Internet of Things World Forum this month that offers keen insights from city leaders across North America on the drivers, challenges and steps being taken to make cities smarter.

Against that backdrop, Wim Elfrink, Cisco’s Executive Vice President of Industry Solutions and Chief Globalization Officer, noted that we live in a digital  era marked by an Internet of Everything that is transforming how smart cities deliver services, provide citizen experiences, and open up social, economic and environmental opportunities. Then he pointed out the problem.

“City leaders have shown in this survey that they seek more guidance on how to advance these major initiatives, which is why we are collaborating with the Smart Cities Council to collectively provide resources and share best practices with customers, business  partners and industry leaders," he said.