Sustainable cities: Map shows how much work it is to get to work

Fri, 2014-05-02 06:00 -- Doug Cooley

Sustainable cities are cities that make it reasonably easy to get to your job.  And residents in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region now have a tool that helps them see exactly how reasonable -- or not -- job travel is.

DataHaven reports that an interactive, data-driven map is available to help regional commuters visualize all the jobs they can get to from a given point, and within a given time, based on whether they walk, cycle, bus or drive.  Moreover, the map includes filters that refine results to show the type of employers in the vicinity and education level required for employment.

Called the Job Access Map, the tool was created by the Regional Plan Association using complex data sets from the U.S. Census Bureau and a host of other agencies. The map is in part designed to show the relationship between geography and access to economic opportunity. Created in association with the RPA’s “fragile success” report, it underscores the idea that communities suffer when people are separated from job opportunities by long commutes, poor transit connections or other geographic obstacles.

The relationship between housing, employment opportunities and transportation systems figures heavily in the discussion for sustainable cities. The Smart City Council Readiness Guide discusses each of these elements in detail. You can download a copy of the Readiness Guide with a free one-time SCC registration.