Startups helping cities and businesses thrive win honors at Smart Cities Week

This information provided by Smart Cities Council North America.
Wed, 2017-05-10 16:30 -- Liz Enbysk

One judge called what a Kentucky-based startup is doing to help cities unlock the value of their publicly owned assets for broadband expansion “a true game-changer.”

He was referring to CNX, one of seven startups that competed for honors at Innovation Alley during the Smart Cities Week conference and exhibition held May 8-10 in Santa Clara, CA. The themes this year’s competition focused on were open government and community action.

The other Innovation Alley winner was Calgary-based LocalIntel, which has a platform that helps municipalities of all sizes promote their strengths, share market intelligence and support local business and job growth.

“We’re helping municipalities use their own open data to help local businesses grow and thrive,” said LocalIntel Co-Founder and CEO Dave Parsell (pictured at right), who noted that the platform is both affordable and low maintenance and can be embedded on an existing website.

Enabling tomorrow’s 5G cities
CNX enables future 5G cities, said CEO Brian Mefford (pictured at left). Citing the explosive growth in 5G, small cell wireless, fiber optics and the like, Mefford described his company’s solution as a one-stop-shop that enables collaboration between cities and companies seeking to use public assets – from utility and light poles to rooftops and rights-of-way -- for building and expanding communications networks.

The other competitors for Innovation Alley awards were: Aerostate, APX, BiKeep, Seevider and Tozny.

The Innovation Alley judging panel included:

  • Jason Anderson, President and CEO, Cleantech San Diego
  • Kip Tew, Partner, Ice Miller Public Affairs Group
  • David Witkowski, Executive Director, Civic Technology Initiatives, Joint Venture Silicon Valley

Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley was the first West Coast conference and exhibition hosted by the Smart Cities Council. Smart Cities Week D.C. returns to Washington, D.C. on October,  2017, for its third year.

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