Smart city market: We're at the tipping point, says IDC

Sat, 2013-05-04 15:27 -- Jesse Berst

New research from IDC Government Insights confirms what those of us out in the market are seeing in our work lives -- that the smart cities market is nearing the tipping point. The report - The Coming of Age of the Internet of Things in Government - says that transport, public safety and environmental monitoring are the three hottest areas. I agree with the first two, but energy is clearly the third hot area when you consider the worldwide activity around smart grids. I also agree with the conclusions that the sector is held back by governance and management issues, among others. -- Jesse Berst

According to the IDC report, the actual applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the public sector today are still limited, which has as much with the early stages of the technology as with the management approach to using it.

“IoT applications in the public sector can span a variety of domains: public security, defense, environmental protection, transport, and health," said Massimiliano Claps, Research Director, IDC EMEA Government Insights. "In each of these domains, connected objects can provide situational awareness that can help citizens and government personnel act and react at the operational level, monitor the status or behavior of people and assets to make management decisions, and support very fine-grained, sensor-driven analytics that help with planning decisions."

Added Claps: “The Internet of Things is reaching a tipping point that will make it a sustainable paradigm for practical applications that can change the future of individuals, enterprises and the public sector."