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Mon, 2016-07-11 10:14 -- SCC Staff
Readiness Planning
The Council’s resources are the culmination of years of experience by leading smart cities experts — experts who have worked directly on projects that have resulted in meaningful transformations for the communities they served. The Council can bring these experts together to consult for your city, providing vendor-neutral guidance that’s based on real-world success. Over a dozen cities and utilities have benefited from the Council’s Advisory Services:

  • Assessments. Evaluation of a district, city or region to determine its strengths, opportunities and challenges from a smart cities perspective. Gain insight into the best places to start. Learn why and how your departments can share infrastructure and share data for better results at lower cost. And get metrics you can use to measure progress and prove your results to constituents. This assessment is in conformance with relevant international standards and its scope is determined in close consultation with the client.
  • Plans. A top-level, vendor-neutral plan for a smart district or city. This is a roadmap for smart cities that combines long-term vision with key early actions and supporting strategies. This plan also includes implementation guidance for effective smart cities procurement and suggested key performance indicators.