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Mon, 2016-07-11 10:14 -- SCC Staff
Training and Events
 If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Smart cities is a broad term, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. The Council has resources that can help you visualize what you want for your city and outline a path to achieving that.
  • Smart Cities Readiness Guide. The Smart Cities Readiness Guide is the world’s leading publication designed to help you create a vision, build an action plan and measure your progress, and it’s based on experience from cities like yours that have been there and done that. More than 1,700 city leaders are using it to help their cities become smarter. Access the Smart Cities Readiness Guide. 
  • Smart Cities Council Newsletter. The Council publishes newsletters that are full of new research, approaches and success stories. Join more than 100,000 smart cities leaders who subscribe not only for inspiration, but also for practical advice and best practices that help them get more from their smart cities initiatives. Subscribe now.
  • Smart Cities Week. Smart Cities Week is a series of annual events that bring hundreds of public and private leaders together to discuss proven strategies and new technologies that are making a meaningful difference in cities. Not only will you get to hear firsthand about what works and why, but you will also get to network with your peers who are working to address the same challenges you are.