Smart Cities Activator Exchange

Thu, 2019-05-30 07:04 -- Jon DeKeles

Activator Exchange: Share insights and advice with other cities.

Activator also allows for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. This has been one of the most requested features from cities around the world, Activator Exchange provides a fast, safe way for cities to find each other and share knowledge.

  • You choose whether to participate -your sponsoring entity makes the choice as to whether metadata is shared. You do not have to share to use Smart Cities Activator.
  • Only Meta-data is shared - . To participate, you just fill out your project information and high-level data (what is called metadata such as project name, city, project focus and the type of informaiton technology that will be used.)
  • Contact cities with similar projects - If you see another project of interest, click a Request for Contact form. That form is forwarded to the designated contact, who can choose whether or not to respond. (Activator does not display or share contact details such as email addresses.)
  • Activator Exchange will promote 'face to face' knowledege exchange through the Smart Cities Readiness Network - global community of cities and other public sector entities.