Smart Cities Activator

Tue, 2019-05-28 15:53 -- Jon DeKeles

Collaborative online planning for multi-stakeholder projects

 Smart Cities Activator is an online platform that helps cities plan and deploy smart projects. It provides a way to find and contact colleagues at other cities who are working on smart city projects themselves. And a way to access their expertise via knowledge resources and project templates.

Activator is also the first and only smart city tool for collaborative planning. It can handle anything from a simple survey of customer needs; to paint-by-numbers project templates; and all the way to full-scale project plans. Thanks to Activator, you can now work together on multiple projects with multiple people in multiple locations and time zones. Any changes to any plan are seen instantly by all other team members, regardless of location.

 Activator provides:

  • Discovery tools to gather the information to launch a project.
  • Planning tools including project templates, dashboards, and more than two dozen planning modules adapted from the private sector for public sector use.
  • Knowledge exchange via a doorway for city-to-city peer exchange (launches Oct 2019).
  • Financing access via “Rocket Mortgage for cities” – fill in one form to have it seen by multiple financiers (launches 2020).

 How to gain access to Activator

Cities can access Activator through several different avenues:

Participation in a Smart Cities Readiness Challenge. Any city that enters a Readiness Challenge gains a year’s free access to Activator.

Sponsorship by a member company. The member companies of the Smart Cities Council include many of the world’s top smart city specialists. Those members may use Activator with their client cities free of charge. They can whiteboard with cities using Activator’s built-in tools. They can work “side-by-side” online to coach cities through planning.

There is no fee to use Activator via a member company, nor does it require a purchase or a promise to purchase. Activator is hosted by the vendor-neutral Smart Cities Council and cities can access their Activator plans online at any time.

Via your state or association. States, provinces, and associations that aggregate numerous cities often license their own version of Activator. It serves as an easy way to map stakeholders, survey needs, and spot trends via visual dashboards. It provides an ideal venue to plan together across locations and time zones. It can encode checklists, processes, procedures, and project templates so they can be used by anyone in the group. And its Activator Exchange module makes it easy to find other cities by location or type of project to network and share lessons learned.

Ask your state or city association if they are making Activator available for collaborative planning and knowledge exchange.

Private label Activator. Cities, states, and associations that want their own private Activator ecosystem can license a branded version. Fill out a quick online form to start the conversation