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Silver Spring Networks platform upgrade helps cities get more from street lights

Submitted by scc staff on October 7, 2015

An upgrade to a platform that helps cities network their street lights aims to help them get even more from their investment. And another initiative should help other developers extend the platform even further.

Council Associate Partner Silver Spring Networks has introduced SLV6, its next-generation smart city control and management platform. In addition to more than 100 new features, which it says will help cities see more benefits from their smart lights network, it has opened an app store and a developer program to allow others to build on its foundation.

Silver Spring, which is in the process of helping Florida Power and Light network nearly a half-million street lights, the largest such network in the world, says the update is available immediately.

New features available
Silver Spring says SLV6 makes it easier for cities to turn their networked street lights into a powerful platform that provides citizens with new services. For instance, cities could add cameras to their street light network to deliver traffic data to third-party applications.

The new version includes support for many more smart cities devices, including more than 50 light point control systems, electrical vehicle charging stations, traffic cameras, parking kiosks, environmental sensors, solar panels and electric, water and gas meters.

The update also helps cities better manage their devices through improved asset and inventory management and advanced analytics that can identify and anticipate faults. It also streamlines the process of issuing work orders by creating tickets from the data collected and analyzed by SLV6.

Open to development
Further, Silver Spring is allowing developers to build on its foundation. It is providing early access to the SLV6 developer program and its App Store, steps that will eventually allow cities to do more with their networks and enable more devices to be supported by the platform.

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