The Readiness Network

Tue, 2019-05-28 16:00 -- Jon DeKeles

A global knowledge exchange for experienced smart city practitioners

The Smart Cities Readiness Network is a global knowledge exchange for public sector employees. It offers a weekly newsletter, in-person workshops, discounts to smart city conferences, and a way to find and connect with cities working on similar projects. You may apply to join by filling in a short, online form. 

 Membership in the Readiness Network is free of charge to public sector practitioners who have demonstrated a commitment to smart city progress, such as:

 Participating in a Smart Cities Council Readiness Program. If your city has hosted a Readiness Workshop, participated in the Readiness Hub at Smart Cities Week, or entered a Readiness Challenge, you are eligible to join.

 Using Smart Cities Activator. If your city is using Activator, you automatically qualify for the Readiness Network. (And you can easily find peers in other cities by using the Activator Exchange search function.)

 Holding a related degree. If you hold a degree or certificate in a related field, you will be accepted to the Readiness Network.

 Having smart city job responsibilities. Public sector employees who have significant smart city responsibilities may join individually.


 To meet your peers and participate in a Readiness Hub, consider joining us at the next Smart Cities Week.

 To learn about upcoming Readiness Workshops and other events, scan our Smart Cities Opportunity Calendar.