Publications highlight Bechtel's role in developing Smart Cities Readiness Guide

Fri, 2014-02-14 10:14 -- SCC Staff

Denton-BrownTwo publications highlight Bechtel's role as a Council Lead Partner and the company's participation in the development of the Smart Cities Readiness Guide. Scroll down for excerpts from Project magazine and ConstruTech.

Project interviews James Denton-Brown, Bechtel's civil infrastructure planning manager.

Denton-Brown tells Project that when Bechtel was asked to join the Smart Cities Council, the company took up the offer straight away because of the benefits membership presented.

"The council gives focus to what had been a loose understanding of how technology is playing an increasingly important role in the development of cities and how it offers some very impressive advantages to citizens as well as to the operations of a city. One of the things we saw with the council was the chance to not only focus on smart cities, but also to interact with like-minded companies."

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ConstruTech highlights Bechtel's role in the development of the Smart Cities Readiness Guide.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Together with urban planning experts, Bechtel and the Smart Cities Council developed guidelines, best practices, and case studies in order to help a city create its technology plan. The Smart Cities Readiness Guide even includes vendor-neutral technology recommendations for a city’s energy, water, built environment, transportation, public safety, and health and human services.

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If you haven't downloaded the Smart Cities Readiness Guide, you can get it here. Note: as a premium resource, it is available only to registered members of the Council. You can become a member by completing a free, one-time registration.  Learn more >>