A path to power, robotics and empowerment in rural Peru

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It's always interesting to check in on Enel, the Italy-based global energy leader and Council Associate Partner. Enel's view of the work they do and sense of responsibility to the communities they work in is refreshing, as the story below illustrates. – Philip Bane

Enel is renovating the Malacas thermoelectric plant in the region of Piura, on Peru's northern coast. It's a $54 million project through its Empresa Electrica de Piura S.A. subsidiary to modernize the plant to increase the efficiency of its production systems. Siemens, also a Council Associate Partner, will supply the next-generation gas turbine. The plant is one of the main hubs of Peru's national electrical system.   

Beyond the modernization of the plant, Enel has focused on the long-term development of communities in territories it serves -- a Creating Shared Value plan with initiatives that focus on the health and education of the local population.

One example: Through its Enel Peru subsidiary it is supporting the Colegio Santa Elena project in the village of Piedritas, a small school complex not far from the Malacas plant. The school was recently renovated and expanded to make room for more students, with the local community playing a role in its design.

Overcoming social inequality
Enel cites experts who believe one of the keys to ensuring genuine and sustainable growth in Peru is overcoming social inequalities. Growth in employment and income between 2005 and 2014 has dramatically reduced poverty rates in the country, according to Enel, but there are still pockets of poverty and as many as three million people who still lack access to electricity.

So as it looked at the region around the Malacas plant and the poverty that prompts many to leave the area due to lack of employment opportunities, Enel identified what it calls an integrated action plan to promote better environmental conditions and support for local businesses, preventive health care and education.

The objective of the Colegio Santa Elena project is to offer children and their families an opportunity for growth and development. Toward that end, robotics has been included as a subject in the school curriculum – an innovative feature that Enel believes can project the rural school of Piedritas and its students into the future.

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