Partner Spotlight: Space-Time Insight, GE, Saudi Telecom, Cisco, ABB, Alstom, CH2M

Fri, 2015-12-18 06:50 -- Kevin Ebi

Space-Time Insight collaborates on smart energy solutions
Council Associate Partner Space-Time Insight announced a collaboration with two other companies with the goal of making it easier for utilities to take advantage of emerging energy trends. Space-Time Insight will work with SMUD and NEC on an integrated platform for distribution grid management, energy efficiency, distributed generation and energy storage. The partners say utilities are having to adapt as more attention is paid to customer experience and data analytics and with the shift to renewable energy sources. Space-Time Insight will contribute advanced analytics and visualization to the venture, with results expected in the U.S., Japan and the Asia-Pacific region next year.

GE wins deal to supply Mexico with cost-effective heat and power
Council Lead Partner GE will supply Iberdrola Generation Mexico with two new gas turbines and related services for facilities that provide residents with power and heat. The two plants are located in Altamira, in the state of Tamaulipas, and in San Juan Del Rio, in the state of Querétaro, and use steam generated during electricity production to produce heat. The two projects together will generate enough power to supply a half-million homes. The projects are expected to be in commercial operation in 2017.

Saudi Telecom expands services using Cisco technology
Saudi Telecom, a Council Associate Partner, will used technology from Council Lead Partner Cisco as it rolls out new services in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Telecom will use Cisco's Virtualized Packet Core, which will help it keep up with demand for mobile data while reducing its network capital and operational expenses. It is the first service provider in the overall region to deploy the new technology, which simplifies and accelerates the process of launching applications and adding new enterprise customers from all vertical sectors including healthcare, transportation, retail, banking and other industries.

ABB to power new Swedish neutron research center
ABB, a Council Associate Partner, was selected to supply a complete distribution substation solution to the new European Spallation Source research center under construction in Lund, Sweden. The center will conduct materials research using neutrons, research that will have a wide range of applications in fields from manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, plastics and information technology to biotechnology. ABB is responsible for the grid that will provide power to the facility, ensuring optimum power supplies and reliability while minimizing environmental impact.

Alstom wins Germany regional train deal
Council Lead Partner Alsom will supply 30 new Coradia Continental electrical trains to run on Germany's Südhessen-Untermain network. The network connects key cities, including Frankfurt, in the west-central part of Germany and the trains are designed to reduce travel time and provide high levels of passenger comfort. The entire train is equipped with Wi-Fi and also offers power outlets for laptops and other devices. Multi-purpose areas provide space for wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers, and the traction equipment is located on the roof, allowing for more spacious interior areas.

CH2M wins high honors for sustainable development
Council Associate Partner CH2M was honored by the World Environment Center for its achievements in sustainable development. CH2M was awarded the center's 2016 Gold Medal Award for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development. The center says CH2M is being honored for its deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility throughout the company, including valuing ecosystems services, partnering with leading environmental nonprofits and acting as a global leader in international water initiatives.