Partner Spotlight: News for Ooredoo, Daimler, Cisco, CH2M, Schneider Electric

Tue, 2016-07-26 11:15 -- SCC Staff

Scroll down for quick takes from Council partners.

New online renewable energy platform helps companies assess technologies, projects
Council Lead Partner Schneider Electric has released its New Energy Opportunities (NEO) Network, a collaborative online platform that helps commercial and industrial companies quickly identify and vet renewable energy, cleantech and energy-efficiency prospects. The network simplifies and accelerates the buying process by connecting end users to viable projects and technologies. The NEO Network joins sustainability and energy managers at Fortune 1000 companies with technology providers, project developers and affiliates, such as investors and law firms, to bring greater transparency and standardization to transactions.

Ooredoo companies collect numerous top awards for innovation, customer service and more
The companies of Council Lead Partner Ooredoo have won several prestigious awards over the past few months in areas such as marketing innovation, network investments and customer service. Ooredoo companies won several awards during the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards in London. Ooredoo also was named among the Top Companies in the Arab World 2016 by Forbes Middle East. Ooredoo's companies in Kuwait, Myanmar, Qatar and Oman also received several awards. Ooredoo also earned international recognition for its financial strategy.

Daimler beefs up its Mercedes Benz electric car with larger R&D investment
Council Lead Partner Daimler is getting more "bullish" about plans for its Mercedes Benz EVs. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said the segment is gaining market share and the company sees an opportunity there for high end electrics. The company plans to have a prototype to display at the Paris Auto Show later this year, and a vehicle ready for the market before 2020. The additional R&D investment will focus on increasing engine fuel efficiency, autonomous driving technology, a new battery type and more.

Cisco takes part in Hyderabad smart city tech pilot project
Already well-established in India, Council Lead Partner Cisco will participate in Indian pilot project Smart City Hyderabad with its global technology partner Mtuity. Under the terms of the agreement, Cisco and Mtuity will identify a variety of smart city solutions, including lighting, transportation and parking enforcement, smart WiFi, citizen services portals and more.

CH2M wins airfield design contract for Reagan National Airport
Aviation professionals from Council Lead Partner CH2M will manage the Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation and Geometric Improvements design contract at Reagan National Airport (DCA). As part of their contract, CH2M will provide airfield modifications and improvements needed to address nonstandard airfield geometry, specifically geometric standards of airfield pavements. The company was chosen to head the project by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority.