Partner spotlight: GE, S&C Electric, Black & Veatch, Bit Stew Systems

Fri, 2015-02-27 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Scroll down for short takes from Council partners…

Iceland's electric grid gets boost from GE technology
To help modernize and optimize the utility grid in Iceland, Council Lead Partner GE Digital Energy will provide Reykjavik Energy – Iceland’s largest utility company – with its PowerOn™ Advantage advanced distribution management system (ADMS). The addition of GE’s grid software will enable Reykjavik Energy reduce operational costs while also improving functionality and the quality of the power it supplies to the Reykjavik population. "Iceland is a forerunner country in modern energy production with virtually 100% of its electricity generated from renewable resources such as geothermal and hydro. Enjoying these high-quality power sources encouraged us to improve our distribution management system,” said Runar Svavar Svavarson, technical manager of Reykjavik Energy’s electrical systems. “GE’s PowerOn Advantage system enables us to improve our control over our electricity grid and to provide our customers with the high-quality power they require in a cost-effective way.”

S&C Electric exec focus of article on Africa's energy future carried an interesting interview with Cleverson Takiguchi, Business Development Director in Africa for Council Lead Partner S&C Electric Co. Asked his perspective on Africa's energy industry, Takiguchi said: The future for Africa is bright and the prospect of bringing electricity to a larger number of people will become a reality by optimizing renewable and smart grid technologies. We believe the proven S&C solutions will help this transition ensuring a robust network for many years to come. We will be concentrating our messaging around delivering the best lifetime value. Lifetime value may not be the lowest initially investment, but S&C aims to show utilities that they must take into account the entire lifespan of the asset. S&C is eager to present business cases surrounding this area, to inform utilities about the most cost effective solutions to their problems."  Takiguchi also noted that Africa is in a unique position as its people can benefit from global lessons and experience. "This means," he said, "that Africa has the opportunity to cherry pick the solutions that they require and leap-frog to advanced reliable technology and avoid the issues that Europe and the USA are experiencing now."

Hong Kong asks Black & Veatch to help address water uncertainties
Hong Kong’s comprehensive Total Water Management (TWM) strategy paper is set for a major review in the coming months and will help Hong Kong better prepare for uncertainties it faces, including acute climate change and low rainfall. The Water Supplies Department of the Hong Kong SAR has selected Council Associate Partner Black & Veatch to lead the review of the TWM. With fresh water demand expected to increase from 933 million cubic meters (mcm) in 2013 to 1,100 mcm by 2030, the project will seek to update or create strategies that fine tune and improve the resilience of Hong Kong’s current water resources practices.

Rocket Builders names Bit Stew Systems a top clean tech company
Council Associate Partner Bit Stew Systems was named to Rocket Builder’s 13th Annual “Ready to Rocket” list as a top British Columbia clean tech company for innovation in disruptive technologies, and for fueling the economy, investment opportunities and employment in this sector. The Ready to Rocket list identifies technology companies that are best positioned to capitalize on technology trends that will lead them to faster growth than their peers. “Three elements characterize these high growth firms: a growing market opportunity, a unique and competitive position and customer validation of a must-have value proposition,” says Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders.


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