Partner spotlight: Cisco, IBM, GE, MasterCard, BehaviorMatrix, Alphinat

Wed, 2015-02-25 06:00 -- Liz Enbysk

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Cisco, IBM and GE named among the top 10 IoT power players
The Internet of Things (IoT) promises world-changing solutions within private enterprise and across the public sector, including cities. But amid the current hub-bub and hype surrounding IoT, which companies are the real leaders in this trailblazing technology? That’s the question posed by a global industry survey commissioned by IoT Nexus, a trade name of London-based FC Business Intelligence. Based on its survey results, IoT Nexus ranked the top 50 power players in the IoT space. Council Lead Partner Cisco was named No. 1 and Council Lead Partners IBM and GE were listed in the top six.  The report includes interviews with John Magee, GE’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Neil Postlethwaite, the Internet of Things Foundation Product Manager at IBM.

Forbes highlights MasterCard role in speeding London transit
In an interview with Will Judge, who runs Council Lead Partner MasterCard’s urban transportation payments program, Forbes detailed the benefits in time and money that Transport for London – and its customers – are seeing now that contactless cards and smartphones can be used to pay for subway and bus rides. With contactless payments, riders just tap and go with a mobile phone or contactless debit or credit card instead of buying a ticket or using a transit-specific card they have to top off routinely. Contactless payments have been available for London Underground riders since September of last year and, except during the Christmas holidays, usage has been growing 10% week on week. "If you are trying to run a busy metro transport system you haven’t got the time or the money to employ staff to do a whole series of cash transactions," Judge told Forbes. "Imagine you are on a bus and someone gets on and asks change for $20 for a short ride. Count the number who are slowed down by this."

BehaviorMatrix granted groundbreaking patent
Applied behavior analytics company BehaviorMatrix, a Council Associate Partner, was granted a groundbreaking foundational patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that establishes a system for classifying, measuring and creating models of the elements that make up human emotions, perceptions and actions leveraged from the Internet and social media. The company says its patent ushers in "a new era of assessment and measurement of emotion by digital means." It covers a method for detecting and measuring emotional signals within digital content. BehaviorMatrix leverages computational linguistics, big data algorithms, signal processing statistics, machine learning and quantum information theory along with its social and revolutionary crowd science to uniquely capture spontaneous expression in digital communications. Once this data is captured, the company can identify that content and provide actionable insight into implications and likely behavioral outcomes.

Alphinat highlights what government websites can learn from e-commerce
An Alphinat blog post by Alain Lecoq does a great job detailing how government websites –- which in many cases lag far behind private sector sites in customer satisfaction levels -- can borrow key attributes of successful e-commerce sites to drive greater levels of user satisfaction. The post lists speed, simplicity and efficiency as top attributes and provides best practices those responsible for public sector sites might want to consider as they evaluate how they can improve user satisfaction on their sites. As Lecoq puts it: "One surefire way of improving satisfaction with online services is to make the process as seamless and as useful as possible. This means allowing people to get things done, quickly, simply and efficiently." Alphinat, a Council Associate Partner, is behind the SmartGuide® -- the leading “one stop” web, mobile and cloud solution development platform that enable cities to easily create, deploy and manage intelligent personalized web applications. The Direction Générale de Modernisation de l’État of France, for example, worked with Alphinat to streamline its online service delivery.


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