New partnership could transform city water, energy and waste services

Fri, 2014-11-21 06:00 -- Liz Enbysk

A new partnership between Council Lead Partner IBM and Veolia promises new possibilities for how smart cities deliver urban services.

Paris-based Veolia supplies millions of people with water, energy and waste management services every day. It turned to IBM to transform the way it delivers digital services. What resulted are new solutions that integrate intuitive and powerful digital technologies into urban services to improve their efficiency.

First up are new solutions for smarter water, incorporating the IBM Intelligent Water software which allows for better utilization of big data and a management system for the integration, optimization and analysis of all data related to water management.

Cities in France and England first adopters
The water solutions are currently under development in Lyon, France and Tidworth, England, where Veolia is providing advanced and automated water and wastewater management technology. According to IBM, by integrating data across municipal water management systems and applying advanced analytics to spot trends, patterns, make predictions and provide a systems-level view of operations, Veolia will contribute to:

    • More efficient water management
    • Improved reduction of waste
    • Better cost controls for its clients
    • Improved accountability to city leaders

"Cities generate enormous amounts of data that must be constantly managed,” said Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of Veolia. "By combining our deep expertise with IBM’s data-driven insight, Veolia is creating a paradigm shift in urban management which in turn will help cities improve efficiency and deliver better services to citizens."

Energy and waste management
Veolia and IBM will also introduce new digital solutions and services for energy management and waste management, areas in which Veolia has deep operations experience and IBM has proven technology.

"By combining Veolia’s expertise in utilities management with IBM’s data-driven approach to smarter cities, the two companies are bringing together some of the most advanced solutions in the market and making them readily available to cities," said Michael Dixon, General Manager, IBM Smarter Cities. “This provides cities of any size with unprecedented options for improving efficiency."

The digital water solution is immediately available from Veolia. Additional solutions are expected to be available in 2015.

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