New online Smart Cities Readiness Guide helps you plot your future

Wed, 2016-03-09 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Whether you’re planning your first smart cities initiative or trying to get more from your current efforts, the Smart Cities Council has relaunched its landmark Smart Cities Readiness Guide as a web-based resource, providing you more help to make your city smarter.

Since it was first launched as a downloadable PDF in 2013, cities from Hartford to Dubai, Mauritius to Yinchuan have used the Smart Cities Readiness Guide as a framework to help make their cities more livable, workable and sustainable.

Providing easier access to the information you need
Now, relaunched as a web-based resource, the Readiness Guide gives you much easier access to the insights, best practices and case studies that are most useful to your current needs.

Among other things, it provides direct access to more than 200 relevant case studies, while retaining key features, such as the ability to print specific sections.

Relied on by cities worldwide
“Cities around the world are already using the Readiness Guide to make tremendous progress in achieving economic, environmental and social sustainability, and we are pleased to make this valuable resource even easier for cities to use,” said Smart Cities Council Chairman Jesse Best.

One of those cities is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“The Readiness Guide is an invaluable resource for our team,” said Grant Ervin, the city’s chief resilience officer. “It gave us a common vocabulary plus lessons learned from actual smart city installations around the world.”

Always current
With the new format, the Smart Cities Readiness Guide effectively becomes a living document, with more updates more often. As a web-based resource, cities leaders now automatically get the latest version whenever they visit the site.

Check out the new web-based version of the Smart Cities Readiness Guide and share it with members of your team.