New Neptune system helps utilities pull key insights from data

Wed, 2015-06-10 06:00 -- SCC Staff

You hear a lot of talk about Big Data. But what's really needed is Big Insights. You don't want to drown in the data tsunami. Rather you want your system to parse that data on its own and pull out the key alerts, issues, and opportunities for your consideration. That's precisely what Neptune has accomplished for the data pouring in from smart meters. For instance, it can analyze that information and automatically generate work orders and service requests. -- Jesse Berst

The new Neptune Connector for Cityworks from Council Associate Partner Neptune Technology Group supports alerts, events and exceptions captured from the field via an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or automatic meter reading (AMR) system to be turned into 'actionable items' for use by Cityworks users and field service crews.

As Neptune points out, such information about a water distribution system is often trapped within the metering system, requiring substantial manual effort to extract and leverage across departmental boundaries.  To support the transformation of ‘system information’ into actionable items in an automated and near real-time fashion, Neptune has developed a connector application that utilizes Neptune’s N_SIGHT platform interfaces (APIs) to automatically generate work orders or service requests for processing inside Cityworks.

Solving a long-standing problem
"We are thrilled to offer this automated solution to the long-standing problem utilities have had  with their AMR and especially AMI systems; namely, how to leverage all of the information being gathered by these metering applications to help make their utility more effective and efficient.  It is just another step in Neptune’s efforts to move our systems beyond just billing," said John Sala, Director of Marketing for Systems at Neptune. "Now, for example, a priority alarm that is generated by the Neptune AMR or AMI system can automatically generate a work order in Cityworks."


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