New lists are out! Smartest cities, top digital cities, most connected cities

Tue, 2014-11-25 15:00 -- SCC Staff

A new batch of city rankings are out, including the annual Fast Company list of the world's smartest cities that Council Advisor Boyd Cohen compiles. There's also the latest Digital Cities Survey from the Center for Digital Government; this year's World Smart Cities Award winner from the recent Smart Cities Expo and World Congress in Barcelona; and a Census Bureau survey highlighting the most connected cities in the U.S. based on the number of households with Internet access. And the winners are…

For various reasons, Cohen took a different approach in his listing of the world's smartest cities this year and divided them into three categories without formal rankings:

  • Pioneering smart cities: Barcelona, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Singapore, Vancouver, Vienna
  • Emerging smart cities: Brisbane, Los Angeles, Montreal
  • Next stage smart cities: Bogota, Lima

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This competition hosted by the Center for Digital Government keys on cities that "recognize the value of technology, empower their tech leaders and use new ideas to make life better for everyone who lives there."

There are only 57 cities that made the winners' list this year. Placing first in their respective population categories were: Los Angeles (250,000 and greater), Winston-Salem, NC (125,000 to 249,999), Avondale, AZ (75,000 to 124,999) and Dublin, Ohio (up to 75,000).

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Also of interest from the survey are the top city priorities with increased focus:

    1. Open government /transparency /open data
    2. Mobility/ mobile applications
    3. Cybersecurity
    4. Portal/E-government; and IT staffing
    5. Disaster recovery/ continuity of operations
    6. Broadband and connectivity; and virtualization
    7. Cloud computing
    8. Social media
    9. Budget and cost control
    10. Shared services

As part of the 2008 Broadband Data Improvement Act, the U.S. Census Bureau began asking about computer and Internet use in its 2013 American Community Survey. Among the highlights from the survey:

    • 83.8 percent of U.S. households reported computer ownership in 2013, with 78.5 percent of all households having a desktop or laptop computer, and 63.6 percent having a handheld computer
    • 74.4 percent of all households reported Internet use, with 73.4 percent reporting a high-speed connection
    • Household computer ownership and Internet use were most common in homes with relatively young householders, in households with Asian or White householders, in households with high incomes, in metropolitan areas, and in homes where householders reported relatively high levels of educational attainment

Metro areas with the highest number of individuals with high-speed Internet access in 2013 were:

    1. Corvallis, OR
    2. Colorado Springs, CO
    3. San Jose—Sunnyvale--Santa Clara, CA
    4. Manchester--Nashua, NH
    5. Bremerton—Silverdale, WA
    6. Boulder, CO
    7. Bridgeport—Stamford--Norwalk, CT
    8. Lawrence, KS
    9. Anchorage, AK
    10. Provo-Orem, UT

This award announced at the annual Smart City Expo and World Congress in Barcelona "recognizes the most ambitious smart city strategies, the most advanced projects and the most innovative initiatives around the world fostering the development of the smart city concept."

The 2014 winner: Tel Aviv, Israel beat out over 250 competing cities to win the honors. Tel Aviv was recognized for its "digital revolution," as described by Mayor Ron Huldai. According to the Times of Israel, the flagship project is the city's pioneering Digi-Tel platform, a residents’ membership club and app that provides individually tailored, location-specific information and services.

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