A new global support center: guidance for India's growth

Thu, 2017-01-12 12:16 -- Doug Peeples

Several companies from the U.S. and throughout the world have committed to helping India modernize as a country and at the city level. While some of those companies are new to the country, others—like Sensus—are greatly expanding operations and partnerships there. It's yet another example of the value of experienced, knowledgeable partners. — Doug Peeples

Indian government officials said this week that they would soon name 40 additional communities that will receive financial support for their nationwide smart cities development program, bringing the total to 100. Against that backdrop, Council Lead Partner Sensus announced it has opened its first global support center in Hyderabad.

While the center's activities may not be directly concentrated on smart cities, it is intended to support business operations and smart grid technological advances in India (and globally), which is certainly compatible with the country's smart cities ambitions.

According to a Sensus news release, the company plans to share best practices and its expertise in technology, infrastructure and utility services. And the center also demonstrates the company's commitment to its partnership with India, said Amit Vaidya, director of the Strategic Customer Team for Sensus India.

"Sensus solutions, all of them driven from a single communications platform, increase efficiency on a large scale. With initiatives like the National Smart Grid Mission, we can play a significant role in bringing India the right solutions and technology that will be easily adaptable, helping to make data-driven decisions that reduce water leaks, limit power outages, ensure the safe delivery of natural gas and turn a streetlight into a beacon of technology," he said.

On a related note...
In November of last year, Sensus signed an agreement with the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company to conduct a technology trial to ensure the installation and commissioning of advanced metering infrastructure goes smoothly.

Doug Peeples is a Portland, Oregon-based writer specializing in technology and energy. Follow @smartccouncil on Twitter.