New B&V report targets water resiliency and how utilities can manage change

Wed, 2015-06-10 06:00 -- SCC Staff

An important new report from Black & Veatch shows how water utilities are taking steps to prepare themselves for both short-term system shocks and long-term sustainability. Black & Veatch’s 2015 Strategic Directions: U.S. Water Industry examines resiliency from three perspectives: strategic, financial and operational.

Noting that water scarcity challenges in the Western U.S., flooding in the Northeast and aging infrastructure across the country are just some of the key causes of rising pressure on U.S. water utilities, the free report contains in-depth analysis of new water treatment and energy efficiency technologies as well as case studies and perspectives from the finance and risk sectors.

The report concludes with an argument for collaboration between water utilities and the communities they serve as they seek to create opportunities for sustainable planning and water utility management.

The video below provides more on the report, which you can download here.